Toshiba XG3 PX04P BG1 specifications and speed

Toshiba Corporation has announced three new families of SSDs with PCIe interface using the protocol NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express). All are imed at various applications including high performance portable storage, tablets, computers 2 in 1 and server applications and mass storage. The top SSD models are able to deliver speeds of up to 3250 MB / s. Let us take a look at Toshiba XG3, PX04P, BG1 one by one.

Toshiba XG3 reviews

Toshiba XG3 for high performance laptops

It is available in M.2 2280 that supports up to four PCIe 3.1 lanes and bandwidth delivering six times higher than usual SATA 3 format (in this case reaches 2516 MB / s read and 1572 MB / s write speeds). This XG3 family is equipped with QSBC (Quadruple Swing-By Code) technology which is owned by Toshiba and it ensures maximum energy efficiency. You can see their specific technical features in the table shown below.

Toshiba XG3 review

Toshiba PX04P is for servers and mass storage

Toshiba PX04P reviews

This family of SSDs has several technologies specifically designed for servers where the device is one 24 x 7. Therefore Toshiba has layed particular emphasis on energy efficiency without neglecting performance since it assumes that these SSDs will be used in critical environments. That said, it does not disappoint on the performance front, offering up to 3250 MB / s read and 2464 MB / s writing.

Toshiba PX04P review

Toshiba BG1 is for ultrabooks and tablets

Toshiba BG1 review

The BG1 is the world’s smallest (16 x 20 mm) solid state drive. In the table below, you can find its technical specifications. As you can see, there are three models: M.2 Type 1620, 2230 and 2280.

Toshiba BG1 reviews

So far,Toshiba has not disclosed the prices but we have been told that they will be launched in October this year.