Thermalright TA-120 and TA-140: new heatsinks that support up to 200 W of TDP

Thermalright has just introduced two new heatsinks for the mid-range within the slim tower concept and in two different sizes. We are talking about the new TA-120 and the TA-140, two dissipators that maintain the same design, but with different sizes, and that curiously will have at the same time the same width and the same dissipation capacity, something unusual when the dimensions are different.

Thermalright TA-120

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These TA-120 and TA-140 are a dissipator clearly focused on introducing a new and renewed range that keeps at bay the main gaming processors of the market without the problems of the size of their superior brothers.

For this reason, the TA-120 obtains dimensions of 120 x 67.4 x 158 mm, while the TA-140 increases the figures up to 140 x 68.5 x 159 mm, both with its fan already installed. One of the characteristics that characterizes them, properly speaking, is their total thickness of 42 mm, where both share this measure.

Thanks to this thickness we will not have to worry about its installation or interference with memory, since it will not touch any motherboard.

Another advantage is the inclusion in so little thickness of 5 heatpipes of 6 mm each, which will give both models the ability to dissipate up to 200 watts, something that is not available to many heatsinks with these dimensions and features.

Another of the determining factors is the weight, since we have seen real beasts capable of beating base plates with the passage of time due to this factor. In this case, we are facing a moderate weight for both heatsinks, where the TA-120 will weigh 710 grams, while the TA-140 will raise the figure to 770 grams.

Its features are completed with its fans, where in the case of the small of the two will integrate a model (not specified) capable of rotating between 600 and 1800 RPM, which will mean a loudness of up to 25 dBA and an air flow of up to 77, 28 CFM. On the other hand, the TA-140 will carry a fan of 14 cm with unconventional dimensions of 152 x 140 x 26.5 mm, which will rotate between 600 and 1500 RPM, with a loudness between 19 to 23 dBA and a flow maximum of CFR 84.97.

Its compatibility with current sockets goes through the vast majority of current Intel options, where it surprises that even support LGA 775, being in particular: 775 / 115X / 1366/2011 / 2011-3 and 2066.

In contrast, support for AMD is reduced to AM4, leaving out the TR4 socket for Threadripper, where normally exclusive heatsinks are launched for said platform due to the atypical dimensions of the socket itself.

Another of the strengths of these TA-120 and TA-140 will undoubtedly be its thermal paste included as standard, as we talk about the TF4 brand’s own model. A thermal paste of high performance, which without becoming the best that Thermalright has, is above the vast majority of current pasta, where only a few models can boast of improving their thermal conductivity.

Thus, this TF4 achieves 9.5 W / mk, assuming an incentive to maximize performance without having to spend more euros on a quality paste.

Unfortunately, as usual, the brand has not specified a date or price, but it is estimated that it will be available soon in the market.