The ‘sell phone without charger’ strategy by O2

Quite a few times, we notice that the new phone that we are going to buy may be charged with a charging device we already own. Even when we do have a new charger, we end up feeling like having two peas in a pod. O2 was quick enough to notice that when one charger can do the job as efficiently as two, why not have just one charger? So, they carried out a pilot study in UK where they offered HTC One X on sale without chargers and 80% of the customers willingly accepted the offer.


Moreover, conservation of environment by saving resources wasted on making chargers that are not even required, seems like a good corporate social responsibility by O2. Here are the results of the study: “These trial results offer powerful evidence that customers are prepared to amend their purchasing decisions if they have more choice and more information. The lesson for the industry from this pilot is that consumers are very receptive to the message that they can benefit the environment by avoiding the needless purchase of chargers. I would now like to see others taking similar steps, working with us as we aim to ensure all our handsets are sold charger-free by 2015.”

Via Engadget