Sony Xperia ZL CWM Recovery (for locked bootloaders)

Folks at xda have released CWM recovery for the Sony Xperia ZL with locked bootloaders. As expected, everything is working like a charm and there are no ill-effects of flashing this CWM (clock work mod) recovery on the phone.

Sony Xperia ZL CWM Recovery

How to enter into recovery on the Xperia ZL?
Press the vol up or down button when the green LED is on while booting. This will tell the phone to enter into recovery mode.

Now, here are the steps on how to flash CWM recovery onto the Sony Xperia ZL.

* Locked bootloader
* Root – Here is a link on how to root the Xperia ZL.
* Windows pc with adb drivers

* Download the package from here and extract it to your pc.
* Run the script to install the recovery
* Enjoy it

Note – Your Xperia ZL might hang when clearing the cache. Do not fret and give the phone few minutes as it takes sometime to clear the cache.