Should you get antivirus for android phone?

If you are an android user, you might be having several questions about whether you should have antivirus on your phone or not. Many Apple users see android phone as virus-prone phones and do not like buying them for this very reason. However, this virus problem becomes a non-issue if you install a nice antivirus application on your phone. This way, you will be able to enjoy all the benefits of an android ecosystem and remain virus-free too.

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There are plenty of antivirus applications out there but the one we recommend is AVG antivirus. This is a free antivirus for android and protects your phone from viruses and more. The Google Play Store is the main target for such viruses and malware. Google does not have a strong comprehensive policy and hackers make use of it put adware, Trojans, viruses and spy tools in their applications. Their applications send private user information back to the hacker which can be used for all sorts of bad things.

Fortunately, by installing AVG antivirus, you make your phone immune. The first thing you should do after installing of AVG app is full scan of the system. It supports scanning of both internal and external storage. This is important as sometimes there are applications that might have installed malware or virus in your system which could already be harming you or your phone’s performance. AVG will help you get rid of those and more.

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AVG antivirus is more than antivirus. It has wifi scanning feature that alerts you if you are connecting to a network with poor security level. It also protects your phone from ARP poisoning where the hacker can redirect you to different URL and infect your phone. It runs in the background and scans the webpages and if it finds something harmful, it stops its activity and alerts you. Main web browser and Google Chrome are supported. It monitors the battery consumption in the background and can turn on power saving feature if the power levels go under specified level. For instance, you can make power saving turn on as soon as your phone hits 20 percent battery level.

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Verdict – We love the fact it works on both android phones and tablets. It is optimized for both small and big screen devices. AVG antivirus is must have phone for all android users.