Sharkoon SharkZone K30: cheap backlit keyboard

Sharkoon has extended its range of keyboards with economic SharkZone K30 which dons backlit keys. It has an angular design and black + yellow color scheme. SharkZone K30 lighting can be adjusted directly from the keyboard at different levels of intensity. You can even turn off lighting without the software. Sharkoon SharkZone K30 review

To run macros and switch between profiles, you get dedicated keys for this purpose: 5 for the first (left side), and 3 for the second (upper left corner). The information on both macros and profiles stored in Sharkoon SharkZone K30’s 128KB internal storage.

Sharkoon SharkZone K30 backlit keyboard review

This means you can connect safely to a new PC and saved will still have all our setup and ready to use. The K30 will be available late June at a suggested retail price 29.99 euros, which does not seem too exorbitant price for the looks. It is a perfect companion for your backlit ultrabook too that are on the rage these days. You can use it with ultrabook, netbook, desktop or any device that supports HID profile.

Sharkoon SharkZone K30 cheap backlit keyboard review

The SharkZone K30 incorporates multi-key roll-over anti ghosting function and a 1.80 m cable finished in a gold-plated USB connector. Thanks to its 1000Hz polling rate, typing is a joy on the Sharkoon SharkZone K30. It is yet to be shown on its official website.