Sanwa CMS-V50BK security camera with 3x zoom lens

Looking for a security camera with zoom lens? Sanwa Supply Ltd has released security camera “CMS-V50BK” with a zoom function. The price is 740 dollars making Sanwa CMS-V50BK a very expensive security camera.

Sanwa CMS-V50BK

The Sanwa CMS-V50BK is a Web camera equipped with a 3x zoom lens that allows you to magnify and view the material at hand. In addition to adopting a wide-angle lens of 84 degrees that can shoot a wide range at once, it also has an autofocus function. You can also change the orientation of the camera within the range of 30 degrees up and down and 175 degrees left and right using the attached remote control.

The main specifications of Sanwa CMS-V50BK include sensor with 1 / 2.9 type 2.1 mega pixels, F value is f1.7 to f3.0. The maximum resolution is full HD (1,920 x 1,080 pixels), and the frame rate is 30 fps. Supported OS is Windows 7 or later / macOS X 10.8 or later.

The main body size of Sanwa CMS-V50BK webcam measures 180 × 112 × 129 mm (width × depth × height), and the weight is about 550 grams. Sanwa CMS-V50BK is driven by USB bus power, the cable length is 5m. Package includes wall and ceiling mounting hardware.