Samsung Note 7 ROM for J5 2016 | Download Galaxy J5 Note 7 firmware

Here is a feature rich ROM for the Samsung Galaxy J5 that brings entire Note 7 user interface and features to the J5 2016 model. Compatible variants include J510FN and J510MN while the J510GN and J510F are not confirmed.

Samsung Note 7 ROM for J5 2016

Here are the features of this ROM:

* Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow
* Based on Note7 N930FXXU2BPJ8 firmware
* November security patch (01.11.16)
* Note7 frameworks & apps
* Recents Panel with Ram bar
* Fast & Stable
* Root and Busybox installable
* Init.d support
* Heavy Debloated
* Deknoxed
* Zipaligned in boot
* Tweaked for best performance

Installation is easy and quick. The only thing you will need is J5 2016 TWRP with Aroma support. Once you have it, download the ROM onto your phone. Clear System, Dalvik Cache, Cache and data. Then in Aroma installer, select safe format, then, choose your rooting method and features. The first boot will take around 10 minuets to boot so do not panic.

The ROM is accompanied by a kernel that brings several battery saving and performance features.

* Build with LinaroMod* 6.1.1 Hyper toolchain
* Permissive Selinux
* Linux version: 3.10.89
* Oc: Cpu(1.5ghz), Gpu(720mhz)
* Mild undervolt
* Neon
* Tune* up for Cortex A53 / ARMv8 architecture
* O3 and A53 optimization flags
* MSM Hotplug
* Alucard Hotplug
* Bricked Hotplug
* Intelli Thermal / Plug
* Asynchronous Fsync
* Powersuspend
* Quickwakeup
* Kcal Display Color Control
* Various io schedulers
* Frandom driver
* KSM(Kernel same page merging)
* Cpu Governors: Alucard, Intelliactive, Barry Allen, interactive, ondemand, conservative, userspace, powersave, performance
* Default TCP Congestion algorithm:Westwood
* Removed CPU_LIMIT
* CPU / GPU enhancements for greatly improved performance / power consumption.