Samsung Enhances Cloud Print App Security

When we make everything wireless, we also make it more accessible and prone to security breaches and intrusions. Samsung is now seeking to solve this problem when you are making connection with your printer with its new Cloud Print app. Cloud Print, a Samsung initiative is set to launch on Android platform in month of June. The iOS version will be launched shortly thereafter.


The main security addition is the encryption of stored data as it streams from your Android or iOS device to the printer. This will be even more secure if you use Samsung Knox service. Knox comes pre-installed with all Samsung handsets running Android 4.3 jelly bean operating system.

The Android version of the Cloud Print app will use NFC to let you connect the devices to a total of up to twenty printers.
Our world is becoming increasingly cable-less and that has given us more room and freedom than the annoying cable’s piles of previous years that forced clever cable management solutions. What do our readers think of the new changes?