Samsung BT S Pen MH5100 Review

Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet comes with a stylus built in but if you find it unconformable in your hands, you can opt for the more pen-like MH5100. This Samsung accessory is much more thicker and feels great in hand.

samsung mh5100 review

It provides much more functionality than the D-pen as it lets you use it as a headset. Just connect your N8000 or N8010 via Bluetooth and then you will be able to make calls from your tablet, just like a normal phone.

samsung galaxy note wireless headset stylus

Engadget has posted several pics of this excellent accessory. They state is it has 130 hours of standby time; weighs mere 21 grams and offers 3 hours of talktime. Charging is done by micro USB cable via its port accessible above the shirt clip.

samsung bluetooth s pen review

When you receive an incoming call, it vibrates. You can answer the call by pressing the answer button. [via engadget]