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Riotoro , a new company that is based in California, United States, launches its new box Riototro CR1080 , a model which claims to be one of the smallest on the market but capable of accommodating motherboards in full size ATX case and power supplies that size and graphics cards up to 300 mm thanks to its internal design into separate sections.

Riototro CR1080 specs review: The new CR1080 of Riotoro measures 245 mm wide by 359 mm high by 394 mm deep and is built with SECC steel for its internal structure and ABS plastic decorative elements of the box. Has an I / O panel on the top of it with a button on the system, another reset, two USB 3.0 ports and two mini jack sockets for connecting headphones and a microphone. In its front it has an opening for the installation of a unit in 5.25-inch bay, as well as a fan of 120 mm in diameter with LED lighting, with space for installation of a second 120 mm fan to help cooling of the components that your users choose to install inside.

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Continuing the theme of ventilation, the box has space to allow mounting or sink up to 120 mm in height or of a liquid cooling system that uses a single radiator size 120 mm on the front. At the bottom, there is room to install two 120 mm fans and in the rear, space for another 80 mm. At the top there is a generous opening that allows air outlet without too many restrictions, typical of positive pressure boxes.

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Box Riotoro uses an internal inverted design by which the area of ​​the processor is at the bottom of the box, just in front of the airstream front fan and or graphics are placed on top of the same.

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The box has bays for mounting two units dual 3.5 inch or 2.5 inch, and another for mounting a unit only 2.5 inch. The new Riotoro CR1080 can be purchased at Amazon at the price of $ 79.99.