Overclock and underclock Galaxy Note 4 easily

Folks at XDA have churned out a custom kernel that allows the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 users to overclock or underclock their devices easily. The kernel is currently available only for the SM-N910F and SM-N910G variants.

Overclock and underclock Galaxy Note 4

Here are its full list of features:

* Full Synapse control
* Built with the incredible Saber Mod 4.10 Toolchain
* Updated to Linux Kernel Base 3.10.5
* CPU Overclock up to 2.89 ghz (4 OC Steps: 2.68, 2.76, 2.84, 2.89)
* CPU Underlock down to 268 mhz
* HACK to allow non original SView Covers to access all the SView Features!
* Faux Sound Control
* Hardlimit Control
* Voltage Control
* Intelliplug v3.8 (faux123)
* Intellithermal (faux123)
* Additional Governors: Lionheart, Umbrella_Core, Bluactive, Intellimm, Interactive_Pro, Bioshock, OnDemandPlus, DanceDance, SmartMax, Yankactive, Wheatley,
SmartAssv2, Intelliactive, Darkness, Nightmare, ConservativeX, Alucard, Adaptive
* Additional I/O Schedulers: zen, sio, vr, fifo, fiops, bfq
* Powersuspend v1.5 ( Yank555.lu & faux123)
* LED Brightness Control
* Sweep2Sleep Hack
* USB Keyboard/Mouse Hack
(Use your phone as a keyboard and/or mouse)
* Patched for compatibility with DriveDroid app
(Flash .iso images to your pc from your phone!! No more need for usb sticks or dvd’s or cd roms)
* Fast Charge v1.2 [Yank555.lu]
* MDNIE (Color) Control [Yank555.lu and twsitedumbrella]
* Trinity Colors
* Overclocked Slimbus for a better overall sound experience
* Simple GPU Algorithm
* Dynamic FSync Control
* Fixed Simple_OnDemand GPU Governor crash
* Added Frandom
* Enabled CIFS Support
* Enabled and Optimized ksm (Kernel Samepage Merging)
* Enabled Gentle Fair Sleepers
* Permissive, with init.d support

Set the Hardlimit Screen on Max the same as the max CPU Frequency you want. For example if you want to overclock to 2.84, first set the hardlimit max frequency on to 2.84. 

Recommended settings for full performance.

– Hardlimit Screen On Max= 2.89
– Cpu Freq Max= 2.89
– Cpu Freq MIn= 268
– Cpu Governor= Performance or Bluactive
– I/O Scheduler: Deadline
– I/O Scheduler Readahead= 1024
– GPU Governor= Performance or cpubw_hwmon
– Enable simple gpu_algorithm
– Laziness=10
– Ramp Up Threshold= 1
– Dynamic FSync= On
– KSM = On

Balanced performance:

– Hardlimit Screen On Max= 2.68
– Cpu Freq Max= 2.68
– Cpu Freq MIn= 268
– Cpu Governor= Umbrella_Core or Interactive_Pro or Bluactive
– I/O Scheduler: sio or zen or bfq
– I/O Scheduler Readahead= 1024
– GPU Governor= msm_adreno or simple_ondemand
– Enable simple gpu_algorithm
– Laziness=5
– Ramp Up Threshold= 4000
– Dynamic FSync= On
– KSM = On