Nvidia Mocha Specifications: 7.9 inch iPad mini clone with Retina display and 2048 x 1536 pixels

An unknown tablet called Nvidia Mocha has made its appearance on GFXbench website. It has absolute high end specifications and runs Android operating system that make it a perfect contender for Apple iPad Mini with retina display. It is not currently known whether Nvidia will offer this model publically or will allow manufactures to sell it under different name as it did in the case of Nvidia Shield.

Nvidia Tegra K1 Review

GFXbench benchmark website reveals that Mocha got 1773 frames (28.7 FPS) in 1080p Manhatten off screen test. Apple iPad Mini retina model on the other hand got 803 frames (13 FPS) in the same test.

In Manhatten test, Mocha got 1020 frames (16.5 FPS) while the iPad Mini retina got 544 Frames (8.8 FPS).

In 1080p t-rex off screen, Nvidia got 3308 frames (59.1 FPS) while the Apple tablet got 1464 frames (26.1 FPS).


Nvidia Mocha Specifications

7.9 inch display with resolution of 2048×1536 pixels
Aspect ratio 4:3
Nvidia Tegra K1 quad core processor clocked at 2.1 GHz
2 gigabytes of RAM
7 megapixel camera
4.8 MP webcam
Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS
Android 4.4.2 kit Kat operating system