Nox Hummer H-312 heatsinks for modern motherboards

Nox has launched the new Nox Hummer H-312 which is a heat sink for universal processors that are incorporated into the family Hummer cooling in the series. The H-312 is the latest model of 12cm range of dissipating the Hummer series processor, a complete high quality solution that combines outstanding performance, quiet operation and excellent compatibility.

Nox Hummer H-312

This is a heatsink that comes equipped with 4 copper heatpipes 6mm diameter and a large aluminum radiator combined for efficient heat dissipation processor, be it brand name it. Incorporates a fan H-FAN incorporating rpm control using PWM for convenient automatic speed control via the motherboard. With a slim profile and built at an angle, the H-312 ensures maximum compatibility with RAM modules. Its assembly system is simple and secure and ensures perfect contact pressure and maximum comfort in all current sockets.

The central column of M-312 is made of aluminum and provides support and firmness to sink and radiator also gets ensure continuous and perfect contact with the heat sink base surface processor integrated heat sink. The H-312 heatpipes are made last CNC technology to achieve a flat surface on the base and provide direct contact with the surface processor.

Nox Hummer H-312 review

H-FAN PWM H-312 provides a superb very quiet static pressure, excellent performance on heatsinks and operation. The H-FAN PWM has the bearing system Hydraulic Bearing, corners stickers anti vibration and a new blade design optimized for optimal static pressure and increased performance in terms of airflow. In addition, the H-312 incorporates mounting hooks for the installation of a second fan if users want to maximize the cooling capacity of the Hummer H312.

As for the installation of the new Hummer H-312 it is quite simple, since it is possible to install it in a few steps swiftly. you only need to choose the socket depending on the system, secure it to the plate and place the sink with metal anchors.

The new H-312 will be available in Spain in mid-May with a recommended 34,90 € PVP.