Note 9 ROM port for Galaxy Note 5

Galaxy Note 5 is a pretty old but still very capable handset. No wonder a lot of users are still hanging onto this amazing android phone from Samsung. However, with Galaxy Note 9 ROM ported to Note 5, you will be able to enjoy pretty much all features of Note 9 without spending 1000 dollars on a new phone.

Note 9 ROM port for Galaxy Note 5

This ROM is based on AOSP so the experience will close to stock google android. Everything is working except NFC which is fortunately not used by many. Also, it works on only SM-920T which means T-mobile variant of Galaxy Note 5 is supported.

Installation instructions –

* Download the latest version of Renouveau v9.0 from the given releases page
* Download the latest version of OpenGApps (ARM64/9.0/nano) or a synonymous microG package
* Reboot to recovery mode (support for recovery issues will only be provided for TWRP)
* Wipe system, data, cache, and dalvik/ART cache
* Flash Renouveau; Flash OpenGApps/microG; Flash the prebuilt kernel
* Flash Magisk (optional, but recommended for an even better experience)
* Reboot

Earlier, Galaxy Note 7 ROM was ported to Note 5 and after that, Galaxy S8+ ROM was ported as well that bought a host of new features to aging Note 5.