Nokia Lumia 925 may be unveiled in China in mid-June

The Chinese people may very well be the first ones to get a chance to buy the Lumia 925. But the release is expected to be with a twist- 925 ‘Superman’ Limited Edition of Lumias will be sold initially, if rumors are to be believed. So, mostly boys will be the primary targets. The official words at Nokia conference also confirmed that the Lumia 925 will make its place first in China, UK, Germany, Italy and Spain.


The 139gm device is supposed to be priced at 3,999 Chinese Yuan. According to sources, the release might very well be on 15th June. Have a look at some of the features of the upcoming device:

*4.5 inch Super Amoled touchscreen
*1.5 GHz Dual Core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor
*8.7MP camera (2.4MP front camera)
*Wireless Charging
*1280 x 768  WXGA display resolution
*USB 2.0, Bluetooth 3.0
*2000 mAh battery
*1GB RAM, 16GB Mass memory