Nokia Lumia 1520 Windows Phone Supports 128GB Memory Card

Sandisk announced a massive 128 GB micro SDXC card at the mobile world congress 2014 but did not release a compatibility. A Lumia 1520 user can confirmed that it supports the card even though Nokia states it supports cards up to 64GB capacity.


The card has been said to work any devices that support SDXC technology. So if your device supports 64GB SDXC card, it should not have any problem in supporting 128GB SDXC chip.

Right now the card is available from Amazon for whopping 119.99 but if you take a lot of pictures or carry a lot of media, it is a great investment. The card is also benchmarked to be 20% faster than the 64GB micro SDXC card.

Microsoft will be unveiling the windows phone 8.1 at the BUILD 2014 event slated to place next month which will bring support for high storage memory cards.