Motorola Moto X Offered for USD 349.99 To Loyal Customers

Existing users of Motorola devices are receiving a surprise email that features a loyalty discount on the Moto X. This will  bring down the pricing to just $349.99 which is a flat $50 off the asking price. Each email features a coupon code that is unique to each user. This coupon code will have to be used during checkout in order to avail the discount of $50.

motorola moto x coupon code

The aforementioned price is for the standard customizable Moto X and if you are interested in wooden variants, you will have to shell out an extra $25, which is not a huge amount by any means. There is no confirmation if this code is transferable to other users, but since most people who receive this mail might already own a Moto X, we are sure that the code will be usable by others.

Motorola has been really pushing the Moto X by offering several discounts. A lot of manufactures like Lenovo have started offering cheap Android phones and We are now expecting Motorola to offer more discounts on the Moto X in the coming weeks. If you have received such email, make sure you redeem the offer by going to this link by Motorola.