Lite ICS ROM for HTC Desire S

Back when HTC promised that the Desire S users will get an update to the ICS (Android 4.0), many people hoped that it will also bring the updated Sense 4.0, but that, unfortunately, did not happen. HTC released a bloated ROM with Sense 3.6.

Lite ICS ROM for HTC Desire S

>> Did you know you can install Jelly bean on your HTC desire S?

Fortunately, there is XDA and where there is XDA, their exists a way. XDA developers has released a firmware that uses the stock ICS as base that is fused with Sense 4.1. Everything is working the way it should.

Quick Settings
HTC keyboard with trace
Camera (All modes)
Camcorder (All modes)
Beats Audio
Everything else.
inludes chainfire superSU,
busybox and init.d support
4EXT Recovery Updater

You must be on radio otherwise you will have camera corruption issues at 5 mega pixels. HTC-DEV unlocked users, don’t forget to flash the boot.img of your chosen kernel via fastboot after flashing the Rom. The boot.img can be found in- /extra/Kernel/(yourchosenkernelname)/

Download the ICS firmware from here.

You also need to have any of the following HBOOTS before you flash.

For HBOOSTS, we suggest reading this post .