LG V10 Rooted Stock ROM: LG H901 V10 Busybox rooted firmware

If you do not like messing with system and want root access, check out this LG V10 firmware that is stock, rooted and has busybox installed. The only requirement is you need to have LG V10 TWRP pre-installed. This ROM is only for the H901 variant.

LG V10 Rooted Stock ROM

It is completely stock, so even the junkware is there but since you have root, you will be able to uninstall it using any root tool. You can download the ROM from here.

Use the TWRP to flash it. Wipe is not needed but we advise to do it to avoid dealing with unexpected bugs later. It is understood and obvious that after installing this pre rooted ROM, you will not receive any OTA update but you can simply flash stock ROM again to get to that. For the geeks, this ROM only reflash the system and boot partitions. It does not overwrites recovery.