Intel Core i5 5500U benchmark, a stellar performer

We tested out the Intel Core i5 5500U processor that came on Nec Lavie hybrid laptop. The laptop did not come with discrete graphics which will allow us to properly do Intel Core i5 5500U benchmark since we be able to evaluate the performance of its built in HD 5500 graphics.

The Intel Core i5 5500U has maximum clock speed of 3GHz under turbo boost mode and 2.4 GHz under normal mode. There are 2 cores that can handle up to 4 threads simultaneously. TDP of Intel Core i5 5500U is 15 watts.

Intel Core i5 5500U benchmark

Crystal mark benchmark score for Intel Core i5 5500U is ALU 47852, FPU 43499, MEM 31295, HDD 10856, GDI 16036, D2D n / a, OGL 10325. The windows index was overall 5.1 with individual score as follows: Processor 7.4, 7.4 memory, graphics 5.1, Gaming graphics 5.5, the primary hard disk 5.9.

crystalmark benchmark of Core i5 5500U CPU

The PCMark 8  benchmark result is 2307. This Core i7 processor scored high in all the benchmark tests. Storage score is poor but that is due to the hard disk used in our review laptop.