HTC U11 Life kernel lets you change squeeze and backlight settings

Here is a kernel for the HTC U11 Life android smartphone. To install it, all you need is an unlocked phone with TWRP custom recovery installed. Nothing else. Not even root is required. This kernel lets you change the settings for the squeeze control and have more control over the backlight.

Here is a video of the kernel in action on the HTC U11 Life.

Installation instructions:

0. TWRP – backup boot partition
1. TWRP flash zip
2. reboot, install both CleanSlate Companion and Configuration apps
3. Start companion App, grant permissions, leave it running (should start on each reboot by itself, but it’s worth starting manually, it’s quicker)
4. Start Configuration app, grant permission, configure to your liking and don’t forget to press Save button (disk icon)

HTC U11 Life kernel

Feature list:

* Squeeze Control (Wake,Peek,Sleep,Swipe)
* Kernel Ambient Display
* Backlight Dimmer
* Button Light Notification * when Secondary display turns off, BLN will start
* Notification double vibration pattern detection based Button Light Notifications
* “Endless BLN while charging” + “Notification vibration length based two types of blinking pattern for BLN” features
* KCAL Color Control
* Fingerprint doubletap sleep
* K.AdAway * kernel adblocking feature for browsing and in app (not for youtube stream etc)
* Smart Notification Control
* CleanSlate Companion app
* Unprivileged Configuration Interface Config App
* ROM side Ambient Display support for all notification functions
* Flashlight Notification
* Vibrating Notification Reminder
* Notification Booster on vibrating notifications when screen is off
* Gradient battery charging led turning from amber to green based on battery level percentage, then at full charge it starts to smoothly change from full bright green to golden and the back to full green cycling, signalling 100% battery for easy spotting
* Fading notification led fading/pulsating type notification LED blinking
* Upper grill RGB LED light brightness level you can lower the brightness level of the upper grill RGB led now
* Adrenoboost version 2.2 * smooth gaming, battery friendly, fixing GPU handling of stock HTC kernel -* battery friendly conservative governor. Three levels (1 is the most battery friendly), and off state.
* NTFS/ReadWrite
* Wakelock reduction patch