HTC ChaCha: How to improve battery life and make it run faster

HTC ChaCha is one of the few android phones with built in hardware keyboard but its battery life is not its strongest point. It is also not a very fast phone. Fortunately there are ways to improve HTC ChaCha battery life and make it run faster. These tweaks are meant for people on stock firmware or Cyanogen Mod.

HTC ChaCha How to improve battery life and make it run faster

If you are stock ROM, we suggest you to totally dump it and instlal the Hexgore’s stock ROM. It is built on stock firmware but will all HTC’s bloatware removed. So it runs much faster and yields better battery life since less HTC crap is running in background. Here are the features of this custom HTC ChaCha ROM:

* It’s been rooted, of course (ChainsDD’s version of Superuser)
* I’ve added Busybox and Bash
* Removed: Peep, Flash Lite, Flickr, FriendStream, Facebook, Facebook Chat, HTC Feedback, HTC Recommends, HTC Hub and all associated widgets
* Tinfoil for Facebook replaces the official and HTC Facebook apps, this is a more lightweight and privacy aware version of Facebook which doesn’t run in the background all the time or download all your contacts
* ASTRO file browser is now also included
* Ad blocking host files are built right in, no need for AdFree or AdAway
* Zipaligning for optimisation, this means apps should use less RAM
* Beats Audio has been added for heavy bass awesomeness
* Sense 4 wallpaper
* ICS font
* ICS clock widget
* Play Store has replaced the outdated Market apk
* Disabled boot sounds

To install it, boot into recovery, wipe your data, cache, and Dalvik cache, then flash the ROM (download link) and reboot the phone.