How to install Windows 10 Mobile on Nokia Lumia 530

The Nokia Lumia 530 did not get the official windows 10 mobile and even barred from getting the technical preview version of the windows 10 mobile. Fortunately, there is a way to hack it and it comes from the folks at XDA. Previously, the Nokia Lumia 530 users were able to use the vcRed and Extra&Info hack to get windows 10 mobile on their smartphones but once that stopped working, the Nokia Lumia 530 users were left alone in the dark. Nevertheless, xda developers have found this trick to install Windows 10 Mobile on Nokia Lumia 530.

install Windows 10 Mobile on Nokia Lumia 530

1. Free up some space – The “100-year trick”
* You will need a large Micro SD card – at least 4GB.
* The updates downloaded alone require around 900MB of space. After it’s finished, Windows 10 Mobile build 10586.164 takes 2.46GB on my Lumia 530. We’re going to need more space.
* Hard reset your phone
* When it comes back up, disable time synchronization, and set the date to 100 years in the future (e.g. 01/01/2155).
* Open the Settings App, and try to open all the various tabs. Many of them will tell you there’s a problem, and allow you to uninstall it.
* Uninstall any other apps from the All apps screen.
* You should have around 1.4GB free space now.

2. Developer Unlock your Lumia 530
* Install the Windows Phone 8.1 SDK
* If you haven’t already, you’ll need to register as a developer.
* Search for Windows Phone Developer Registration Tool 8.1 on your computer, and follow the steps to Developer unlock your Lumia 530 (your screen must be unlocked during this procedure. 
* Go to the app store, and install the Windows Insider and Preview for Developers app.
* Open up Storage Sense, and move Preview for Developers to the SD card.
* Make sure Windows Insider remains on your Phone storage; and the default App location is your Phone.

3. Interop Unlock your Lumia 530
* Grab and deploy CustomWPSystem_0500.xap and WPSystem_Folder_Unlocker_Release_ARM.xap to your phone (using the Windows Phone Application Deployment 8.1 program from the SDK -> C:\Program Files (x86)\ Microsoft SDKs\ Windows Phone\ v8.1\ Tools\ AppDeploy\ AppDeploy.exe)
* Copy CustomPFD_0003.xap to the SD Card
* Open up WPSystem_Folder_Unlocker on your phone, and tap “Unlock WPSystem Folder (sdcard)”. It should say “Success!”
* Open up CustomWPSystem on your phone.
* Tap the red bar “SD Card permissions”, then browse to your SD Card and tap Apply (the tick).
* Scroll to the bottom, and tap “Select the XAP”.
* Pick the CustomPFD_0003.xap file you copied to the SD card.
* Tap Apply Xap. Browse to Preview for Developers in the All Apps list. The icon should have changed.

4. Change your Device Identifiers

* Here’s the real reason this works: We’re going to pretend our humble Lumia 530 is actually a Lumia 535.
* Open the Preview for Developers app
* Browse to HKLM/SYSTEM/Platform/DeviceTargetingInfo and change the following keys:
PhoneManufacturer: MicrosoftMDG
PhoneManufacturerModelName: RM-1089_1048
PhoneModelName: Lumia 535
PhoneMobileOperatorName: 000-IT
5. Force updates to download to the SD Card – the “1GB File trick”

Windows update have always preferred to download updates to the local phone storage as it is faster than the SD card but since there is inadequate space on the Nokia Lumia 530, it will download the update files to the SD card. For that, on your PC, open up a Command Prompt as Administrator. Create a 1GB file (copy and paste following line in Command Prompt):
fsutil file createnew C:\1gb.tmp 1000000000

Copy the file to your Phone storage. Join the Insiders Program if you haven’t already, and select Slow Ring or Release Preview. Check for phone updates. Soon after the updates begin downloading (say 5% to be sure), you must delete the 1GB temp file. While this file forced Windows Update to download to the SD card, we still need all that space we cleared earlier for the updates to actually install. Now allow your phone to reboot when prompted.