Galaxy Note 5 UHQ Camera Mod Download

You can take super high UHQ photos on your Samsung Galaxy Note 5 by downloading and installing this UHQ camera mod. To install this you will need to root your Galaxy note 5 which is easy. Here are the features of this Samsung Galaxy Note 5 UHQ mod.

Download Galaxy Note 5 UHQ Camera Mod

* All 96 percent Jpeg Quality and 75 percent Bitmap compress changed to 100 percent
* 4K Time limit is removed.
* 4K Bitrates 48mbits to 85mbits (hardware limit is 65-70 Not verified)
* FHD30 17mbits to 61mbits (Not verified)
* FHD60 28mbits to 120mbits It’s Need very fast micro SD (Not verified)
* All 10-13 mbits bitrates up to 25mbits (Not verified)
* Dual SD-HD-FHD Time limit 61 Min (Not verified)

Installation instructions:

* Backup and delete and copy the modified apk to the system/priv-app/SamsungCamera4.apk , set permission rw-r-r 0644
* Backup and delete and copy the modified media_profile.xml to the system/etc/media_profile.xml , set permission rw-r-r 0644 not required for now.
* Delete camera app data-cache from applications
* Wipe cache from recovery if it does not work wipe cache-dalvik