Galaxy Note 5 IMEI backup tool download

IMEI backup tool is available for the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. It is recommended that you download and use this tool as messing around with Note 5 custom ROMs can do some damage on your expensive android phone. You must root Galaxy Note 5 before using this tool, otherwise it would not work. This tool backs up EFS that contains IMEI. The files are stored in Device storage/MyEFS.

Download Galaxy Note 5 IMEI backup tool

There are two versions of the Galaxy Note 5 IMEI backup tool – free and paid. Here are the differences between the two.

* Both version makes backup in same format and no difference in backup.
* Pro version have option to Restore with single click
* Free version will save file in MyEFS and if you make next backup it will replace older one. While play store version every time creates new folder with date, Time and your IMEI stamp so you can keep multiple backup as well no confusion about which backup is made when and on which device. Also it makes copy of build.prop so you can get idea you were on which ROM when backup created)
* Play store version give notification in case backup not created.
* Weekly Auto backup feature available on play store version.
* PIT creator. Play store V1.1 added option to create PIT file from existing layout