Enable WiFi Tethering on Galaxy Note 8

We will now show you how to enable Wi-Fi tethering on your Samsung Galaxy Note 8. This will allow you to use your android phone as wifi hotspot.

Galaxy Note 8 WiFi Tethering

Best part is that you do not need to any sort of modifications on your phone, so no root or clockwork mod custom recovery is required. However, everytime you want to use your Note 8 as WiFi hotspot, you must turn off hotspot > turn mobile data off > turn mobile data on.

1. Enable developer mode:
a. Go to settings
b. Scroll down to about phone
c. Repeatedly tap “Build number” until developer access is granted

2. Get ADB installed w/ drivers
3. Enable USB Debugging
a. Go to settings
b. Go down to developer options
c. Scroll down to USB Debugging and turn it on
d. Connect phone with USB to PC

4. Get into ADB shell
a. Open a command prompt (windows key + R , type “cmd” in the box and press enter is my favorite way)
b. Run:

adb shell
5. Enable the bypass
a. Disable the DUN requirement

settings put global tether_dun_required 0
b. Overwrite the DUN APN
settings put global tether_dun_apn “APNDUN,n.ispsn,,,,,,,,,310,120,,default,mms,dun”
6. Turn off Mobile Data
7. Turn on HotSpot
8. Turn on Mobile Data