Download Synology DiskStation Manager 6.0

Download Synology DiskStation Manager 6.0

The Synology operating system for your NAS, DiskStation Manager (DSM), announced its official version DSM 6.0 , which comes as a round number to be part of a major upgrade version that incorporates numerous enhancements and new features.

The list of new elements in DSM 6.0 is huge (can consult on their website ) and of course differs slightly depending on the Synology NAS you have. In all cases many new features , improvements and bug fixes are integrated, and that as noted by Synology, represents the beginning of a new era for the DiskStation and RackStation the company ‘s products.

Synology DiskStation Manager 6.0

“With DSM 6.0, Synology provides all the most advanced technologies that go far beyond simple data management. We designed DSM 6.0 to provide a complete server that improves productivity and efficiency in enterprise environments , “ said Michael Zimmeman, general manager of Marvell Semiconductor Inc.  ” We applaud Synology for what they offer in this new version, and we are delighted our ARMADA processors 32 and 64 bits are those that promote most of its units.”

We will not go into detail about all that this new version offers, because as we discussed before the list of changes and improvements is huge and almost won more enlisted on their website  so you can see for yourselves. We for our part we have already installed in a Synology DS216j and we have seen that in terms of the interface is not much changed, and it is true that most of the changes are related to the business environment for system administrators using Synology NAS for replication of backups for virtual LUNs and other environments. Honestly, we believe it is a very important and necessary update to install for all users mostly for security improvements and stability, but a user on foot and we will not provide anything new that we did not already (perhaps some performance).

The update can be performed directly from the control panel in the DSM currently have in your Synology NAS.