Download HTC One A9 TWRP recovery and root instructions

HTC One A9 TWRP is a custom recovery for the android phone that allows you to flash custom mods and custom ROMs. TWRP for HTC One A9 is similar to the CWM but allows one to interact using touchscreen instead of mashing myriad buttons.
Download HTC One A9 TWRP recovery and root instructions

Download TWRP for HTC One A9

The TWRP for HTC One A9 was coded differently compared to previous HTC’s android device as with A9, the company has moved to black based OTA system. This means any changes made to system partition will cause an OTA update to fail.

Type in these commands in ADB.

fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
* then boot into recovery and format your data partition.
* Ignore password prompt.
* Go to wipe > format data > type in “yes”.

Root HTC One A9

HTC One A9 has DM verity enabled and makes use of encryption so root on One A9 is achieved only through system less root methods. We suggest going for the super SU which automatically disables forced encryption and dm-verity, but requires a “Format Data” in TWRP. So boot into TWRP and then select ‘format data’ in TWRP.

* reboot into recovery, then sideload you downloaded earlier. Go to advanced> adb sideload in TWRP and then from your computer run it.
adb sideload