Download Android Pie One UI for Note 9: Install this ROM to get One UI on Galaxy Note 9

If you adore Android Pie One UI, here is a custom ROM that lets you get it on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9. It is based on official oreo N960FXXU2ARJ1 ROM and even has DEX support, Spay and gear wearable as well. It also comes with Good Lock 2018 ROM tool that lets you do customizations on your Note 9 android phone.

This ROM is only for Exynos version and will brick Snapdragon variant.

Download Android Pie One UI for Note 9

Here is its feature list.

* Included stock enforcing kernel
* Reduced call disconnect delay.
* High Volume warning disabled
* Hign brightness strain warning disabled
* Screenshot in Secure Tab
* Camera flashlight up to 1% battery
* Denoxed with minimally debloated (tried to preserve most functions though)
* Ad-Free preactivated Toggle in ROM Tool
* Enabled Launcher Rotation Toggle in launcher settings.
* Reboot to recovery (If not available, apply essential fix from ROM Tool)
* Show/Hide emergency in Power Menu
* Show/Hide Users in PowerMenu for multiusers.
* 3minit battery and 3minit clock (you will get option to choose just after finishing setup, also you can change anytime from ROM Tool)
* Added some important samsung stuff

– Internet browser Secret mode
– S Health patched for using with rooted device.
– Able to web login with biometrics on samsung browser
– ROM Control (ROM Tool – ROM control) with following option
Toggles for System UI as mentioned above
Sound modes (Untested)

To install it, make sure you have Galaxy Note 9 TWRP custom recovery onboard. Also, make sure OEM unlock is ticked in developer option.

* Switch Off device
* Press Vol down + Bixby and then connect device to PC to reboot to download mode, press volume up when asked to continue to download mode
* Download Odin and open it, Disable ‘Auto reboot’ from option menu of Odin
* Select TWRP (tar image) with AP tab of Odin and Start
* Once Successfully flashed, you will see ‘Passed’ in Odin tab
* Disconnect device and hold Vol down + power till screen goes off, Now immediately press Vol Up + Bixby + Power to reboot to TWRP
* Select to allow modification
* From TWRP, Select WIPE menu – Then FORMAT DATA – You need to type ‘yes’ to perform wipe. WARNING : This will erase all data including Int SD storage from device
* Once format device completes, go back and select REBOOT’ Menu and then – ‘RECOVERY’, This will reboot to TWRP again
* Now select Install and navigate path to Ext SD card – ROM zip file, you have copied earlier
* Let device boot, and read ROM specific Instructions below.

Follow these instructions if you already have a custom ROM installed on your Note 9.

1. Download ROM zip and place on Int Storage/Ext SD and check MD5
2. Reboot to recovery and select factory reset and flash ROM zip you have copied in step 1.
3. Let device boot,Read ROM specific instructions below.

If you have OEM unlock option appeared after 7 days , Please select ‘Patch OEM’ option in aroma application.