Does the Touch ID works with sweaty fingers on iPhone?

Touch ID is one of the best ways to enhance the security on the iPhone but does it work with sweaty fingers? Well on my iPhone 6 Plus I have noticed that even the smallest amount of wetness on my thumb makes the touch ID useless. Not only me but my friends who sweat a lot have noticed this.

So that is how it works – any kind of moisture on your finger and the Touch ID will have trouble recognizing it. Another interesting find – the one on iPhone 6 and 6 Plus is more responsive than one on iPhone 5S. On the 5S, the sensor simply refuses to recognize the fingerprints even if they are not very sweaty.

So there goes it – if you are a kind of person that gets clammy hands really easy then Touch ID will become useless and it can be very annoying. Touch ID does not play well with the moisture. Fortunately you can quickly enter the passcode in such scenario.

Does the Touch ID works with sweaty fingers on iPhone

When your hands are dry, you will love Touch ID as it is extremely fast. Sometimes you will find that the screen is still fading on and my phone is already unlocked.