Bitcoin Fast is now doing a token swap to Ethereum’s ERC20. To make this as painless and rewarding for the users, all you need to do is follow these very simple steps.

  • Send all of your BTCF tokens to this address GCCIU525WA7X5G63APVVJG4HJ77KTD6UZ5544IIBHGRXKQM37NYX5HGJ
  • Make sure to cancel your orders on Stellarport/Stellarterm/Interstellar before sending your tokens.
  • Send us your Ethereum address via email. You can use Trust wallet / MyEtherWallet / MyCrypto to generate Ethereum address or any wallet that supports ERC20 tokens. Do not use exchange addresses.

Send your ETH address and amount of BTCF tokens you sent to our email – [email protected]

And we will do the rest. No filling up any other forms.

Reason for token swap – most exchanges don’t want to list Stellar tokens or lack technical know-how. ERC20 is the standard when it comes to tokens and until we move to our very own blockchain, Ethereum’s ERC20 would be the best choice.

BTCF coins obtained from trades made on Stellarport/Stellarterm/Interstellar after November 23nd 2019 will only be changed at our discretion.