Best LG G2 Android 6 Marshmallow ROM

There are basically two best LG G2 android 6 marshmallow ROMs out there. First is the bliss ROM that is one of the most customizable firmwares for the LG G2 and second is resurrection ROM. Since both ROMs come without gapps, we suggest installing them from here in case you cannot live without gapps. We still prefer using the bliss ROM as its developer offers regular updates than the resurrection ROM.

Best LG G2 Android 6 Marshmallow ROM

Installation instructions:

* Make sure you are rooted.
* Make sure you have a custom recovery installed. (TWRP is the preferred recovery)
* Download the latest Bliss Rom and the latest GApps package.
* Boot into recovery.
* Perform a FULL factory wipe and wipe/system and dalvik cache as a precaution
* Flash Bliss Rom
* Flash Google Apps package (for 6.0!)
* First boot may take up to 10 minutes

Features of the Bliss ROM.
Status Bar
Statusbar Clock and Date Options (Left / Center / Right / Hide / Etc)
Battery Icon Options
Customizable QS Tiles

Navigation and Button Options
Toast and Listview Animations

Recents Options
* Memory Bar
* OmniSwitch (Option to replace recents menu with Omniswitch)

Notification Drawer
* Status Bar Header (Weather)
* Tile Options
* Flashlight Option
* Custom Color Tile Options (Set Background, Icons and Text)
Heads Up Notifications

Lockscreen Options
* Long Press Lock Icon to Sleep
* Shortcuts
* Music Visualizer Options
* Power Button Lock Options
* Lock Method Options

Power Menu Options
* Power Off
* Reboot

Gesture Anywhere
* Location Options
* Trigger Regions

Slim Animations

App Circle Bar
* Included Apps
* Trigger width, position and height

Sound Options
* Link Ringtone and Notification Toggle
* Media, Alarm, Ring and Notification Sound Options

Display and Light Options
Brightness Level
Adaptive Brightness
Ambient Display
Double Tap to Sleep
Sleep Time
Wake on Plug
Cast Screen
Expanded Desktop
LCD Density
Font Size
Show Search Bar in Recents

Heads Up
Do Not Disturb and Access
Device Lock Options
App Notifications
Notification Access
Filter Notifications

More Stuff Included

Bliss Download Section[LIST][*]* All current downloads for your convenience[ / LIST
AudioFX Equalizer
* SuperSU *  Huge thanks to @Chainfire
* Bliss Wallpapers (via launcher’s Wallpapers)
* Home Launcher Option
* CM Camera
* User Profiles
* System Profiles
* Location Options
* Security Options
* Privacy Options
* Accounts and Sync
* Language and Input
* Backup and Reset
* Date and Time
* Accessibility
* Printing
* Developer Options
* Rom and Hardware Information
* Changelog
* Bliss OTA Updates