Asus Game Box Controller Runs Android 4.3

Previously it was rumored that Asus was developing its gaming console that would allow the user to connect it to TV and play Android games. Asus Game Box was first spotted on AnTuTu application which shows it will use Nvidia Tegra 4 Cortex A15 SoC and run Android 4.3 operating system.

asus game box android

The controller was also spotted on Bluetooth’s official website that proves that Asus is indeed working on a gaming device that connects to console using Bluetooth technology.

The image shown above shows that it features two analog sticks, a D pad, two shoulder buttons, arrow buttons, select button, start button, and XYBA buttons. Benchmarks have shown that Game Box can go head-to-head with Nvidia’s Shield and can even beat it in some of the tests.