Arctic Freezer i11 CO can operate continuously

Arctic Freezer i11 CO review

Arctic has announced its new cooler for processors, the Arctic Freezer i11 CO. Designed for continuous 24/7 operation, the Arctic Freezer i11 CO provides up to 150 watts of cooling capacity with superior service life far superior to the competition sinks. The abbreviation that says everything is “CO”, which stands for “continuous operation” (Continuous Operation).

Arctic Freezer i11 CO reviews

Guarantee the continued smooth operation to ensure that the temperature of the processors installed on computers as servers continuous operation is decreased. Equipped with double ball bearings made in Japan, the fan reduces rotational friction and is significantly less sensitive to dust and high temperatures. Compared to the standard models, life expectancy is up to five times without the slightest compromise in performance.

Based on the Arctic Freezer 7 Pro, the Freezer i11 CO has greatly improved air flow, cooling capacity, the noise level and safety in transporting equipment. Regardless of whether the user is an expert in the installation of electronic equipment such as if a rookie, the Arctic Freezer i11 CO can be installed in just a few minutes, avoiding the long periods of waiting for servers and increases economic efficiency investments made in them.
Arctic Freezer i11 CO review test

By analyzing air flow and its movement inside the fan frame, it is also increased fan efficiency of 92 mm with free PWM including the new Arctic sink. In this way, the user benefits not only focus on a greater cooling capacity, but also a lower noise level. The copper heat pipes use technology direct contact with ensuring that heat can be dissipated particularly fast to the fins.

To ensure that the sink gets the necessary air flow you need, the Freezer i11 CO is extremely versatile and can be assembled according to individual preferences or the needs of the equipment through the use of a stable backplate, which remains firmly in instead, even when the equipment is to be transferred position.