Apple iMac: Bluelounge Jimi Review

Apple hide the USB on the back of iMac computer to keep the looks clean and clutter free. It worked for most except for those who use USB drives often and find it inconvenient to attach and detach them. Now there is a accessory called Bluelounge Jimi that extends the USB port in such a way that you no longer have to go to the back of iMac to attach / detach your USB flash drive.

Bluelounge Jimi Review

Made of tough black plastic, it is exclusively designed for the iMac slim aluminum unibody model (released November 2012) or later. It works with all 4 USB ports of 21” and 3 of 4 ports available on 27” iMac.

How To use Bluelounge Jimi

Plug Jimi into a USB port at the back of your iMac.
Align the bottom of the “J” straight down.
Snap it into the air vent at the bottom of the iMac.

Its flexible body allows you to plug into a port of your choice on your iMac. Costs 15 dollars.

Verdict – Never again will you have to crane and reach around to access the USB port behind your computer. Jimi makes it easy.