AnTuTu Quadrant Benchmark of Galaxy S5 and S4 Performance Comparison

At the MWC 2014 Barcelona event, Samsung launched Galaxy S5, it is finally time to do some benchmark tests on it. The most popular of them is the AnTuTu.

Folks at mobilegeeks were able to perform this benchmark and they got a score of 35474, which is higher than the Note 3, Z Ultra and LG G2. Here is the picture of its score proof.

AnTuTu Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5 AnTuTu and Quadrant Benchmark results are in

A lot of us were thinking that the Galaxy S5 will have 2k display and at least 3 gigabytes of RAM. While none of those two claims came out to be true, the processor’s clock bump and presence of finger print sensor might be enough to lure some S3 and S2 users to jump to the S5 band wagon.

Mobile geeks were also able to perform Quadrant and 3DMark test, where they got 22640 and 18747 respectively.

Galaxy S4 Benchmark Video

The S4 got 21089 and 12347 in AnTuTu and quadrant which are not low scores by any means.