Alldocube Knote Review: a 2 in 1 convertible fit for all budgets

Alldocube Knote Review

Although the ARM tablet market with Android or iOS operating systems is currently a bit stagnant, the market for convertible tablets with Windows operating system and processors with x86-64 architecture is slowly opening up gap among users, especially among those who They look for a tablet or a small laptop , that works acceptably and, above all, that it is economical. And one of the models that meets all these features is the convertible tablet 2 in 1 Allotocube Knote.

The convertible tablet Alldocube Knote offers very similar to other models most popular convertibles (such as performance Surface, the TabPro or Matebook) with a considerable price difference, is that this costs a lot less than half that some of them , being an excellent alternative for those who look for a tablet-laptop with Windows and do not want to spend a lot of money. This tablet 2 in 1 convertible has in its interior with a laptop computer hardware. As a processor, it mounts an Intel Celeron N3450 along with an Intel HD Graphics 500 GPU , a 64-bit single chip perfect for those who do not seek to perform advanced tasks (such as playing 4K video or professional image or video editing). The limitations of the processor are compensated for by its 6 GB of LPDDR3 RAM , as well as by its 128 GB of eMMC storage , which guarantees a good performance for all types of domestic tasks and for day to day. As for its operating system, this tablet comes with Windows 10 Home installed by default.

Alldocube Knote Reviews

This convertible has a touch screen (up to 10 points) of 11.6 inches with a resolution of 1920 × 1080 perfect for use as a tablet with Windows 10. In addition, we can also make us with your magnetic keyboard (sold separately) to convert it in a complete laptop. The battery that includes, in addition, guarantees us a use of up to 6 hours, although, as in laptops, it will depend on the use we give it.

Alldocube Knote

This convertible model can be achieved for just over 350 euros , a big difference in price if we compare it with the other best known models that, although they can offer a somewhat higher performance when having more powerful hardware, their price is doubled, and even triplica.