Alienware M11x: Restoring Windows the easy way

The Dell Alienware M11x laptop is one of the most powerful mini laptops of all time. A lot of users have been asking me on how to restore Windows the easiest way or how to get hold of an official windows ISO.

Alienware M11x

There is a COA key that is used as backup on the Alienware M11x. Its BIOS contains the correct code for activating Windows and activation process is done automatically when you install correct version of Windows. Most of these Alienware laptops came with Windows 7 Home Premium installed.

For this, you will the actual OEM DVD disk to reinstall it. You can get it either from Dell or from eBay. In fact, latter has lots of them – just make sure you get the right version and bit interface you want. But of course, you can reinstallation disk for Alienware from Dell as well.

Dell Alienware M11x is a fairly popular gaming mini laptop that sold like hotcakes back in the day. It is still very popular on amazon as there are not many compact gaming laptops out there that pack so much power.