Galaxy Note 2: EE 4G price, plans

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 LTE version will retail for GBP 355 more than the non-LTE version for a 2 year contract. Right now, EE UK is offering it for 41 pounds per month in which you pay GBP 140 upfront. In return, you get 1GB data per month as well. Compared to the non LTE version on 3G data plan, you get 100 texts per month (vs unlimited on LTE) and 6000 minutes per months on calls.

note 2 ee 4g

You end up paying GBP 1123 with LTE and GBP 768 with non LTE version on a 2 year contract. So yes, you do get the enjoy the powerful 4G network offering blazing light speeds, but at an additional cost.