BTCF Staking model

The purpose of this article is to be a one stop shop for help in regards to staking with Bitcoin Fast (BTCF).

How to stake Bitcoin Fast

All you need to stake Bitcoin Fast is store them off a centralized exchange (like instantbitex) before a set date, which in this case is 20th of every month. You also need to hold atleast 100,000 BTCF in this very wallet.

1) Buy and hold atleast 100,000 BTCF and store them in a single wallet. Wallets holding less than 100,000 BTCF won’t get any staking rewards.

2) Store them outside centralized exchanges (like instantbitex). You can use Lobstr wallet if you do not know how to create your own Stellar wallet.

3) Funds stored on Stellarport, Stellarterm, Lobstr and interestellar will get staking rewards since you are in control of funds.

20% Interest

Unlike any other staking model, you will be getting 20% interest if you hold BTCF for one whole year. This will be paid on monthly basis.

Why should you get into it?

1) No other cryptocurrency offers 20% interest per annum.

2) You don’t need to run full node to get the interest.

3) Interest is sent 20th of every month. The wallet does not need to be online. Just make sure your BTCF is not on a centralized exchange. Decentralized exchanges like Stellarport, Stellarterm, Lobstr and interestellar are fine.


1. Do I need to remove BTCF from Stellarport, Stellarterm, Lobstr or interestellar?
A. No. Since all of these are decentralized exchanges and you are in control of your funds, you are free to leave your funds there. Just make sure you have your private key stored safely.

2. Is staking support on my funds stored on Instant Bitex or any other centralized exchange?
A. Instant Bitex won’t get any staking rewards, so you must withdraw them to something like lobstr wallet for staking.

3. Why 100,000 BTCF?
A. We only want true believers to join us for staking rewards.