Bitcoin Fast Decentralized Internet-of-value protocol for global payments Nearly free global financial transactions of any size Future of Bitcoin is Here

half circle iconWhat is Bitcoin Fast

BITCOIN FAST (BTCF) is heading for a true peer-to-peer electronic cash system. To achieve this, we have tried to stick to principals laid down in original bitcoin whitepaper by Satoshi Nakamoto.

Magic number

The total number of Bitcoins to ever be mined stands at 21 million. BITCOIN FAST (BTCF) total supply is also capped to 21 million.

Excellent Performance

BITCOIN FAST runs on Ethereum blockchain, a powerhouse in the payment solution industry.

Eco-friendly currency

BTCF is eco friendly currency as it is pre-mined and capped. No more BTCF is created and none is destroyed.


It makes use of slightly modified version of earlier Dagger and Hashimoto hashes algorithm to reach a consensus.

half circle iconBitcoin Fast Roadmap and accomplishments

H1 19

March 2019 – Bitcoin Fast (BTCF) was created

April 2019 – Creation of

May 2019 – Whitepaper prepared

H2 19

July 2019 – Second part of token sale

August 2019 – Application to Coinmarketcap

September 2019 - BTCF added to Instant Bitex exchange with BTC and ETH pairs

H2 19

September 2019 - Added to Coinmarketcap, CoinGecko, CoinMarketCal

October 2019 - First ever developer update

November 2019 - Swap to ERC20

H1 20

January 2020 - Listing on EtherFlyer + Second development update

February 2020 - Listing on AltMarkets, DexDelta, McAfeeDex

March 2020 - imToken, Enjin adds native BTCF support

H1 20

April 2020 - Huobi Wallet adds BTCF support

April 2020 - BTCF support add to Ledger Live

May 2020 - Website updated


Partnership with other projects and promotional campaigns

Debit card program, Worldwide ambassador program

Payment system integration + Onboaring of Merchants

half circle iconPartnerships

Trust Wallet - Binance's official wallet

Ledger Wallet - Popular hardware wallet

EtherFlyer - Cryptocurrency exchange

Huobi Wallet - Cryptocurrency wallet

DexDelta - Decentralized Exchange

CoinMarketCap - Leading price tracker - Crypto exchange for Startups