Plantronics RIG 500 Series headphones, designed for eSports

Plantronics RIG 500 is a eSports headphone that comes with interchangeable components to get the perfect comfort. Supported by the ESL, the RIG 500 include soundproofing on the handset, while allows air to circulate. Also included is a digital USB adapter that offers Dolby 7.1 surround sound, and support for 24-bit audio.

Plantronics RIG 500 review

Plantronics designers have created a headset for all kinds of possible players, eliminating unnecessary weight and complexity.

Plantronics RIG 500 review

The Plantronics RIG 500 Series headphones can be configured in two different configurations. First is the vented one where there is greater air flow and better heat dissipation. In the second config, the player is completely isolated from external noises, allowing players to concentrate. There will be several models of it.

Plantronics RIG 500 reviews

* RIG 500 – Stereo headset with microphone system “Flip-to-mute”, which turns off the microphone when rotated – € 59.99.
* RIG 500HD – Headphones with USB 7.1 Dolby surround sound – € 79.99.
* RIG 500E – Edition E-sports with surround sound, two spares for headphones (“vented” and “isolating”), detachable microphone, USB adapter and stereo analog cables – € 129.99.